Famous Grand Piano Manufacturers

Just as with violins so too grand pianos have a rich heritage of master craftsman. Here we list some of them and a brief overview of their various histories.

Although many try to list the top ten or top twenty best grand pianos, a sort of pop chart for these mighty expensive instruments. It’s quite a difficult challenge. The truth is that there is no “best” or “worse”and it all comes down to personal preference and even the piece being played. Each of the manufacturers listed here is a grand master we need say no more than than that. So the listing here is in no particular order all make stunningly good pianos and it would be an honor and pleasure to own any one of their instruments.

steinway pianoSteinway and Sons

Founded in 1853 and located in both Hamburg, Germany and New York, United States. These are seen the world over in concert halls everywhere. Each is produced by a master craftsman and each one is unique.


Founded in 1853 and based in Berlin, Germany. Famous for setting up Wigmore hall, a concert in London where their showroom was based. A popular piano for famous rock bands.


Building pianos since 1887, Hamamastsu, Japan. Somewhat of an entry level piano but very well made and a great asset to the world of pianos as they sound good and are most affordable and a great place to start one’s journey.


Started in 1828 in Vienna, Austria. Famous for adding an extra octave to one of their ranges giving a total of 97 keys

grand piano with flowersFazoli

Founded in 1978, in Sacile, Italy. Heavy and lavishly decorated, these pianos don’t come cheap. But they are exquisitely well made and are of the highest quality. They’re also a wise investment as not to many get made.

Stuart and Sons

Based in Newcastle, Australia. Somewhat of a newcomer. Their pianos are made to order and they make their pianos using rare and beautiful woods that just add to their appeal. They sound fantastic too.


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