Keyboard for Christmas

In selecting a piano keyboard to be given as a Christmas present, we considered two main criteria. It had to be (1) an excellent performer and provide a real piano experience and (2) be available at a reasonable price. And we’ve done just that.

Piano Keyboard for Christmas

This keyboard has 88 weighted keys, a must have requirement in our books, as it provides the full set of octaves available on a full size piano. The semi weighted keys allow the pianist to have full control of the softness or loudness of each note. And it’s portable and can be played anywhere,that’s because it can be attached to a mains adaptor or use a set of batteries.

Full set Piano Keyboard for Christmas

The price is very reasonable to. Check these on Amazon as these vary from time to time. There are two variations of this digital piano, the keyboard alone and the keyboard with stand, seat and sustain peddle. Obviously, the second choice is more expensive but is also a real bargain for what you get.

A truly great present for a lucky person in your life.

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